Have you been thinking about making a move from a full-time employee to a contractor? If so, you are not alone – today, professionals in nearly every industry are considering a contracting career. Some have been made redundant, while others simply crave the freedom and engaging challenges of working as a contractor.  

Maybe you’ve just started considering an independent contracting career and aren’t sure where to begin. Perhaps you’ve dabbled in contract work and are unsure how to turn it into a full-time career. Either way, you might feel unprepared to make the leap.  

I’ve been doing it for almost two decades at time of writing, and so to give back I’ve written an eBook to help others like me who want to make the switch and sustain it!

In this eBook, we’ll look at:

  • Difference between employee & contractor
  • Different types of contractor scenarios you might find available
  • Uncover the top tips for ensuring success when transitioning from traditional employment to a contractor role
  • Seven tips to help clear the path to contracting success
  • Top tips for building your personal brand on LinkedIn

You can access the free e-Book here: Free e-Book