From volunteering at homeless shelters to corporate events and schools or universities. I’ve had the privilege of being able to support dozens of organisations raising money and awareness for great causes such as mental health, cancer research, premature babies in ICU, environmental causes through education to name a few. It’s something I take very seriously and has helped me learn and grow in life and giving back has also created many memories and new friendships along the way.

Founder & Director

Return Of The Panda is a not-for-profit organisation and the brainchild of Founder and Director, Fatimah Abbouchi. She established it after suffering anxiety for a large portion of her adult life while maintaining a highly successful corporate career. Return of the Panda is inspired to educate and inform sufferers that they are not alone. We feel for them because we’ve been through the same tough times too. Embracing you with comfort, encouragement, and support, we aim to end the stigma and suffering around anxiety, helping you on your journey to recovery.

Volunteer Speaker & Ambassador

Outside work, I am a beyond blue ambassador volunteer, I joined in 2014 after my own personal battle with Anxiety, despite my battle with Anxiety I feel that sharing my story will inspire hope in others. During the time I have overcome my battles, I have undertaken over 30 volunteer engagements, influencing others in the community to help reduce the stigma and educate them on mental health.

Corporate Advisor & Mentor

Three years in the making, we launched a selective work study programme. Programme participants across the International Masters of International Studies at Aarhus University were given hands-on learning opportunities and real-world experience using our unique AMO Method, a flexible framework that helps you to coordinate change and implement it. As a result of the success of the Programme I now continue to work with Aarhus University and am mentoring some students.

First Australian Partner

In June 2020 I interviewed Amanda Bronkhorst, founder of JUST ONE Tree. So inspired by her mission to combat climate change by raising awareness and funds for reforestation projects around the world, I offered to become her first Australian Partner. The not-for-profit runs on the simple premise that individuals and organisations alike can band together to remove CO2 waste from our beautiful planet. How we, as individuals and organisations, do that is simple – we donate £1 to plant 1 tree, and with that, it encourages large-scale minimal participation and simplifies the process for everyone to get involved.

Board Advisor & Partner

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